These are the 6 Republican Senators who voted against a bipartisan bill on anti-Asian hate crimes
6 GOP Senators Voted Against Bipartisan Bill on Anti-Asian Hate Crimes
  • The Senate voted Wednesday to move forward a bill that would address the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes.
  • In a rare bipartisan showing, almost all senators voted to advance the bill.
The Senate overwhelmingly voted on Wednesday to advance a bill addressing the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Led by Democrats Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Rep. Grace Meng of New York, the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act will require federal officers to "facilitate the expedited review" of hate crimes.

"It defines COVID-19 hate crime as a violent crime that is motivated by two things: (1) the actual or perceived characteristic (e.g., race) of any person, and (2) the actual or perceived relationship to the spread of COVID-19 of any person because of that characteristic," according to the bill's summary.

In a rare bipartisan effort, a vast majority of senators voted 92-6 to advance the bill — bringing it one step closer to passing.

But the legislation could still face a difficult path forward. Republicans only supported the procedure on the agreement they could add amendments to the bill after it advanced: They added 20.

Hirono told HuffPost reporter Igor Bobic, some of the amendments added, "have absolutely nothing to do with the bill."

Here are the six Republicans who voted "no."
  • Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri
  • Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky
  • Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas
  • Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas
  • Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas
  • Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama
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