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Indicted Matt Gaetz Associate Is Expected to Plead Guilty, Lawyers Say
The indication of a potential cooperation deal came as investigators were also examining a trip by Mr. Gaetz to the Bahamas and whether he discussed running a so-called ghost candidate in a local race.

An associate of Representative Matt Gaetz is expected to plead guilty to federal charges, including sex trafficking.

Joel Greenberg, a former elected official, could cooperate as a key witness against Mr. Gaetz, a Florida Republican. The plea by Mr. Greenberg, above, could significantly strengthen the Justice Department’s case against Mr. Gaetz and others, who are being scrutinized on potential sex trafficking violations.

Mr. Greenberg is said to have met women through a website, then introduced them to Mr. Gaetz, who along with Mr. Greenberg had sex with them. Mr. Gaetz has denied that he paid for sex.
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Trump exploded at a staffer for telling him the wrong names of his golf partners, John Boehner says in his memoir
  • Trump once flew into a disproportionate rage at a staffer's mistake, John Boehner wrote in his memoir.
  • The staffer had told Trump the wrong names of golfers at a game he'd invited himself to, Boehner said.
  • "What are you, some kind of idiot?" Trump yelled, according to the memoir.
Donald Trump flew into a rage at a GOP staffer for getting his golf partners' names wrong back before he was running for president, former House Speaker John Boehner said in his memoir.

... Boehner wrote that Trump had invited himself along for golf with Boehner and two high-profile executives at a Trump golf course.

Boehner said there was "something dark" about the incident, which took place while he was the House minority leader. That would place the anecdote sometime between 2007 and 2011, while Trump was on "The Apprentice" and long before he ran for office.

"I didn't know Donald Trump at all, except from television," Boehner wrote. "But his name was on the door of the club, and if he wanted to come out with us, none of us were going to say no."

Trump was friendly, "but in an in-your-face, this-is-how-they-talk-in-New-York kind of a way that I was not used to at all," Boehner wrote. "Direct, loud, intense."

He quoted Trump as saying, "You and I are gonna take these two turkeys on and whip 'em."

Boehner said a staffer, John Criscuolo, had mistakenly introduced the executives as "Joe and Jeff," an error he would pay for later. (Boehner said he changed the executives' names to protect their anonymity.)

"Joe and Jeff" was how Boehner and Trump referred to the two men for the rest of the game — during which, Boehner said, Trump was surprisingly good.

By the end of the game, Boehner said, Trump was in a fine mood — which turned when "Joe and Jeff" awkwardly said those were not their names.

Boehner shrugged it off and apologized. But he wrote of Trump: "This sort of glower fell across his face. The kind of look I could tell that you didn't want to see too often if you happened to work for him."

He got right in Criscuolo's face, causing the staffer to step back, and yelled, "What are you, some kind of idiot?"

"You want to know how to remember somebody's name?" Boehner recalled Trump saying. "You f---ing LISTEN!"

"I'd never seen anybody treat a staffer like that — not in politics, not ever," Boehner wrote. "This was more than New York bluster. This was real anger, over something very, very small. We had no idea then what that anger would do to our country."
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An architect of Trump's tax law said he supports Biden's 28% corporate tax rate in resurfaced video
  • A former Trump economic advisor said in a resurfaced interview that he supports Biden's proposed 28% corporate tax rate.
  • "I'm actually OK at 28%," Cohn told Yahoo Finance last year.
  • His remarks will likely be cited by Democrats as Biden argues for corporate tax hikes to fund infrastructure spending.
There's an unlikely supporter of President Joe Biden's proposed 28% corporate tax rate: A former top advisor to President Donald Trump, who served as the architect of his 2017 tax law that cut the rate all the way down from 35% to 21%.

On Wednesday, a video resurfaced of Gary Cohn — formerly the National Economic Council director under Trump — saying he backs a corporate tax increase. It was posted by the Center for American Progress, a liberal-leaning think tank.

"I'm actually OK at 28%," Cohn said in the Yahoo Finance interview last year. "The level we got to in our tax plan on the corporate side was actually a bit lower than I thought we needed to go."

He went on: "Getting down in the low 20s was probably lower than we needed to go. I always thought there was a compromise rate in the mid-20s that made sense."
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Trump Org CFO's ex-daughter-in-law hired a former top financial fraud prosecutor to pore over 'boxes of documents'
  • A witness cooperating with prosecutors looking into Trump has hired an expert in financial crimes.
  • Duncan Levin, a former top official in the Manhattan DA's office, represents Jennifer Weisselberg.
  • The ex-wife of a key Trump Organization employee has been turning over documents to prosecutors.
A cooperating witness in two investigations into former president Donald Trump's finances hired a former top official in the Manhattan District Attorney's office with expertise in financial crimes to represent her in those cases.

Jennifer Weisselberg previously told Insider she gave seven boxes of documents to investigators from the Manhattan DA's office and the New York State Attorney General's office in the fall, but she has several more in her possession that could be relevant to prosecutors.

She hired attorney Duncan Levin shortly after she was contacted by investigators in September to conduct his own, parallel investigation into the remaining documents.

"We have several boxes of materials that we have not yet given over to the prosecutors that we are going through ourselves," Levin told Insider in an interview. "We're doing our own internal investigation."

Levin has worked closely with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. in the past. He was the office's asset forfeiture chief from 2011 to 2014, overseeing money laundering, corruption, terrorist financing, bank fraud, and mob cases. He also worked for Vance in private practice while the two were at the Manhattan law firm Morvillo Abramowitz LLC.

Weisselberg hired him because she wants to assist the investigation as much as she can, Levin said.

"I know what I'm looking at," Levin said. "We're basically culling through it methodically and we will turn over documents and information to law enforcement as is helpful."

Aside from his work for Vance, Levin also clerked for a federal judge and oversaw complex money-laundering cases for the Brooklyn US Attorney's office.
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GOP group tells online donors: Give every month or 'we will have to tell Trump you're a DEFECTOR'
With a pre-checked box on the National Republican Congressional Committee's donation page on the GOP's online fundraising platform WinRed, donors are opted into making monthly donations and told: "We need to know we haven't lost you to the Radical Left. If you UNCHECK this box, we will have to tell Trump you're a DEFECTOR   sided with the Dems."

Following that box is another one that commits them to an additional donation on April 15. "If you want Trump to run for President this is your LAST chance to FLIP the House," donors are told above another pre-checked box. "Change your Trump Victory Fund Status to ACTIVE now! Remain inactive = Republicans lose."

Asking online donors to commit to making automatic monthly contributions is a standard political fundraising practice -- one that allows campaigns, parties and organizations to tap into and budget around a consistent stream of cash. Pre-checked boxes that commit donors to those monthly contributions aren't new, either: ActBlue, the Democratic fundraising platform, allows some groups to use such boxes.

But Republicans -- including Trump's 2020 campaign -- have gone to new lengths to tap into Trump's popularity and strong-arm supporters into regular, automatic contributions.

The NRCC's language was first reported by the Bulwark, a news site run by anti-Trump conservatives, which highlighted similar pre-checked boxes the NRCC has used in recent weeks, including one that told donors to "check this box if you want Trump to run again" -- when, in reality, what donors were being asked to do was leave checked a box that signed them up to make monthly donations. Under that was a box committing donors to another April 7 donation, telling them that their "Trump Patriot Status" was "MISSING!"

"As a TOP grassroots supporter, we were surprised to see you ABANDONED him. This is your LAST CHANCE to update your status to ACTIVE!" the pre-checked box said.

Using the same tactics that the New York Times reported Trump's campaign used -- provoking complaints and a surge of refunds -- the larger, ominous warnings are placed above more easily missed, smaller fonts that make clear what donors are actually committing to do.
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Facebook was running ads with voter fraud conspiracies as recently as this week (FB)
  • Facebook was running ads featuring voter fraud conspiracies up until Wednesday.
  • The ads were paid for by Restoration Action, a conservative super PAC.
  • The ads echo election fraud conspiracies that former President Trump has pushed.
As recently as this Wednesday, Facebook was running ads featuring voter fraud conspiracy language like, "Every illegal vote cancels a legitimate vote."

The ads were from the conservative super PAC Restoration Action, a group that paid Facebook over $380,000 to run ads "about social issues, elections or politics" between April 7 and May 7. The vast majority of those ads focused on Democrat-led election reform legislation that intends to expand voter registration, voting by mail, and early voting, as well as strengthen election security systems. The legislation has already successfully passed through the House, and must now pass through the Senate.

Republican leaders have repeatedly attacked the legislation, and former President Donald Trump referred to it as "a monster" during a speech in March. "It virtually eliminates voter ID requirements nationwide, effectively ends all registration deadlines — can you believe this?" he said.

Many of the Facebook ads from Restoration Action echo Trump's sentiment, and at least one features him directly.
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Matt Gaetz releases a statement from the 'women' of his office defending him, but no women are actually named in it
  • Matt Gaetz's office released a nameless statement from the "women" on his staff defending him.
  • The unsigned statement said Gaetz has "treated each and every one of us with respect."
  • The DOJ is investigating Gaetz over whether he violated federal sex-trafficking laws.
GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz released a statement from the "women" of his office defending him amid an escalating sex scandal, but no women were named and no one signed the statement.
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Lawyer for Matt Gaetz associate: 'I am sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today'
  • A lawyer for Rep. Matt Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg spoke to reporters today.
  • Greenberg, the center of a federal investigation, could strike a plea deal with federal prosecutors.
  • The lawyer said the congressman is likely "not feeling very comfortable."
Greenberg and Gaetz are at the center of a broad Justice Department investigation.

Gaetz hasn't been charged as part of the investigation, but Greenberg has been indicted on 33 counts, including one of sex trafficking a minor between the ages of 14 and 17.

"I'm sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today," Greenberg's attorney, Fritz Scheller, told reporters, according to CNN.
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Matt Gaetz reportedly sent $900 to ally and accused sex trafficker, who then gave the money to young women
  • Rep. Matt Gaetz sent $900 over Venmo to Joel Greenberg, a political ally and accused sex trafficker.
  • The Daily Beast reported the money was sent in 2018.
  • Greenberg then sent $900, in varying amounts, to three young women, including an 18-year-old.
Matt Gaetz has claimed to be the victim of a smear campaign, the Florida Republican's office issuing a statement that he "has never paid for sex." But the lawmaker, who is now under federal investigation, previously sent $900 to a political ally who has been indicted for sex trafficking — and who turned around and sent the money, in various amounts to three young women, The Daily Beast reported Thursday.

All of the women were over 18, according The Daily Beast, which said it reviewed the Venmo transactions following a tip from a source. Joel Greenberg, who received the money from Gaetz, labeled his subsequent Venmo payments "Tuition," School," and "School," according to the report.
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or Trump-ism

Trumpism refers to the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

Trump, whom many observers consider an anomaly, left the White House by saying, “We will be back in some form.” His legacy is “Trumpism” – a wave of white nationalism.

Trumpisms are Bushisms on steroids.