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Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers wants a court to force Trump, his lawyers, and Sidney Powell to pay over $100,000 in legal fees over their election lawsuits
Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has asked a court to force former President Donald Trump, his lawyers, and attorney Sidney Powell to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees over their presidential election lawsuits.

In court documents filed on Wednesday, attorneys for Evers called lawsuits that disputed the 2020 election results "meritless" and "built on inscrutable conspiracy theories."

He called for $106,000 in sanctions against Powell and $144,000 against Trump and his attorneys, according to court documents.

"This litigation imposed significant costs on the taxpayers of Wisconsin," attorneys for Evers said in court documents filed against Trump. "Those costs were needless, because Trump's suit never had any merit, this litigation was precluded by exclusive state-court proceedings, and the costs were exacerbated by strategic choices made by Trump and his lawyers."
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggests Mexico ban Ted Cruz from vacationing there after he accuses her of pushing 'full open borders'
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ted Cruz went after eachother over immigration policy on Twitter on Thursday.
  • The Texas Republican claimed the New York Democrat is pushing for a "full open borders" policy.
  • Ocasio-Cortez in turn argued Cruz has no immigration policy, "just puff," and suggested Mexico should bar him from vacationing there in the future.
The Texas Republican, who recently traveled to the US-Mexico border to highlight the recent rise in migrant crossings, claimed the New York Democrat is pushing for a "full open borders" policy. Ocasio-Cortez in turn attacked Cruz for recently escaping his home state during its power grid collapse to vacation in Cancรบn, Mexico with his family.

She suggested Mexico shouldn't let Cruz in next time he tries to vacation there, and again called on him to resign from office (a demand she first made after Cruz voted to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election).

"Ted, this is pretty rich coming from someone who fled their own home (and responsibilities) during an environmental crisis to cross the border and seek refuge in Mexico," Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. "Also you funded cages, expanded cages, and yet you're complaining about cages. You have no policy, just puff."

Ocasio-Cortez argued that Republicans are hypocritically decrying the detention of migrant children on the border under President Joe Biden after they tolerated President Donald Trump's policy of separating migrant parents from their children, who were similarly detained.
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Rep. Matt Gaetz reportedly showed nude photos of women to lawmakers and bragged about his sexual exploits
  • Rep. Matt Gaetz showed lawmakers nude photos of women and boasted about his sexual exploits, CNN reported.
  • "It was a point of pride" for Gaetz, one source told the outlet.
  • CNN reported that there's no indication that the photos are connected to an ongoing DOJ sex-trafficking investigation into Gaetz.
A new report from CNN alleges that Rep. Matt Gaetz showed lawmakers nude photos of women he said he had slept with. He showed off these photos both in private and on the House floor, the report says.

The report comes after The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Gaetz is the subject of a Department of Justice investigation into potential sex trafficking related to whether he engaged in a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old.

Gaetz has denied the allegations made in The Times report.
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Ivanka Trump's women's empowerment program slammed in government report
  • A top Ivanka Trump initiative was deeply flawed and mismanaged, according to a new independent report.
  • The rollout of programs funded through a 2018 women's empowerment bill failed at one agency.
  • Ivanka didn't directly oversee the program but did promote her role in expanding aid to female workers.
A policy program championed by Ivanka Trump, and aimed at assisting female-led small businesses around the globe, suffered from such poor agency oversight that the Government Accountability Office was unable to conclude how successful the program was — or even if it had worked at all.

In a report released Thursday, the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office found that the rollout of the bipartisan Women's Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment Act of 2018 was deeply flawed.

Former President Donald Trump's eldest daughter and adviser, Ivanka Trump, helped promote the policy program and ushered the bill through Congress.

The US Agency for International Development oversaw the implementation of the initiative and was mandated to spend at least $265 million per year on assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises under the Women's Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment Act. Half of the money was meant to go to women, while the other half was required to go to the poor, according to Politico.

But Thursday's report found that the agency never clearly defined what makes a business owned and run by women. Nor could the agency conclude the amount of funding that actually reached women-owned enterprises or the very poor.

Ivanka Trump was not responsible for directly overseeing the program, but she did help usher the legislation through Congress and in a 2019 interview vowed to "rigorously track the execution and efficacy of the money that we were spending," according to The New York Times.

Weeks after President Trump signed the Women's Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment Act into law, Ivanka Trump oversaw the launch of another reform initiative, the Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, aimed at providing a "whole-of-government" approach to financially boost poor, female entrepreneurs around the world.

According to Politico, Ivanka Trump praised the Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative as "enabling us to rigorously track the execution and the efficacy of the money that we are spending."

But the culmination of the Government Accountability Office's 14-month audit made clear the opposite was happening at the Agency for International Development — one of ten agencies involved in the legislation's implementation.

The report was particularly critical of the way the agency disbursed half of the act's funding meant to target those in extreme poverty. Officials in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe told investigators they "did not receive any guidance on how to define the very poor" or "guidance on any poverty measurement methods to assist them…" which hindered their ability to deliver aid.

As such, the agency was unable to "document its compliance" with the requirement that 50% of government resources be targeted to the very poor.
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Matt Gaetz advocated for drug testing recipients of public assistance, but a new report alleges the lawmaker used ecstasy
  • The New York Times reported a DOJ probe into Gaetz includes payments made to women.
  • Sources told The Times that Gaetz had used ecstasy prior to sexual encounters with the women.
  • In the past, Gaetz advocated for requiring recipients of public assistance to pass a drug test.
According to a new report concerning a Justice Department investigation into GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, sources familiar with the events told The New York Times the Florida lawmaker took ecstasy, an illicit drug.

... Two sources familiar with the alleged sexual encounters told The Times that some people involved, including Gaetz, used ecstasy beforehand.

But during his time in the Florida state legislature, Gaetz advocated for requiring recipients of public assistance to undergo and pass a drug test.

"I strongly support drug-testing for welfare recipients. Applying for welfare is voluntary, if you don't want to get tested don't apply," Gaetz said in a tweet in March 2011. At the time, he was serving in the Florida House of Representatives.

... According to The Times reporting, Gaetz used ecstasy at some point in 2019 or 2020, while he was serving in the House of Representatives. Members of Congress are not required to undergo drug testing, though some have tried to change that.
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or Trump-ism

Trumpism refers to the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

Trump, whom many observers consider an anomaly, left the White House by saying, “We will be back in some form.” His legacy is “Trumpism” – a wave of white nationalism.

Trumpisms are Bushisms on steroids.