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John Boehner calls Trump 'a guy who's unemployed' and 'has nothing else to do but cause trouble'
  • During an interview on ABC's "The View," John Boehner called out Trump's post-presidential behavior.
  • "Here's a guy who's unemployed, has nothing else to do but cause trouble," he said.
  • Boehner expressed disappointment that Trump has misled his supporters about the election results.
"Here's a guy who's unemployed, has nothing else to do but cause trouble," Boehner said. "Clearly, it's obvious to me that he's not going away."

... Boehner criticized Trump for continuing to push the false narrative that voter fraud cost him the election — even in the aftermath of the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot prompted by his repeated lies.

"The president abused the loyalty and the trust that voters had placed in him by perpetuating this noise," he said. "It was really one of the sadder things I've seen in the last 40 years in politics."

... "I think what Republicans need to do is act like Republicans," he said. "I'm a conservative Republican, but I'm not crazy. I believe in fiscal responsibility and a strong national defense. We need to rally the party around what being a Republican means."
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Psaki says Biden 'does not spend his time tweeting conspiracy theories' after a GOP senator criticized his tweets as 'unimaginably conventional'
  • White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended Biden's communication style on Monday.
  • Biden "does not spend his time tweeting conspiracy theories," Psaki said.
  • The comments came after a Republican senator criticized Biden's social media usage.
"I can confirm that the president of the United States does not spend his time tweeting conspiracy theories," Psaki told reporters during a news conference, in an apparent jab at former President Donald Trump's Twitter habits before the social media platform permanently suspended his account after the Capitol riot on January 6.

Psaki's comments were a response to GOP Sen. John Cornyn's statement on Monday that Biden's tweets are "unimaginably conventional."

"The president is not doing cable news interviews," Cornyn tweeted in response to a Politico article. "Tweets from his account are limited and, when they come, unimaginably conventional. The public comments are largely scripted. Biden has opted for fewer sit down interviews with mainstream outlets and reporters."

Cornyn also suggested that Biden's messaging strategy undermines his leadership, tweeting, "Invites the question: is he really in charge?"

Psaki pushed back on the assertion on Monday, and said that Biden "spends his time working on behalf of the American people."

Biden's media interactions have largely consisted of participating in the occasional one-on-one interview, replying to reporters' questions after public events, and sending tweets from his @POTUS account about his administration's work. He held his first presidential news conference last month.

Biden's approach significantly differs from that of Trump, who routinely made presidential announcements via late-night tweets and frequently appeared on cable TV channels, particularly Fox News. Trump would also use Twitter to attack his political rivals and drum up support from his base.

Toward the end of his presidency, Trump used social media to spread false claims and conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election. Twitter and Facebook eventually banned Trump from their platforms in response to the former president's role in the Capitol insurrection, when swaths of his supporters stormed the building.
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Will Smith's Apple film 'Emancipation' pulled production from Georgia due to its voting restrictions
  • Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua pulled production of their film from Georgia.
  • "Emancipation" is the first major production to leave the state due to the new voting law.
  • The move to change filming locations is one of many by companies to combat state voting restrictions.
The Republican-backed law, which came into play last month, is an attempt to overhaul the state's election protocol. It includes restrictions on absentee voting and does not allow for voters waiting in line to be provided with food or water. Critics say the new law is an act of voter suppression that will disproportionately impact people of color.

The film, which was sold to Apple Studios in a deal reportedly valued at $120 million, will be the first major production to leave Georgia because of the new law.

"Emancipation" is a period drama about slavery that stars Will Smith and will be directed by Oscar winning director Antoine Fuqua. The two issued a statement on their decision to change filming locations on Monday.

"At this moment in time, the Nation is coming to terms with its history and is attempting to eliminate vestiges of institutional racism to achieve true racial justice," Smith and Fuqua said in a joint statement. "We cannot in good conscience provide economic support to a government that enacts regressive voting laws that are designed to restrict voter access. The new Georgia voting laws are reminiscent of voting impediments that were passed at the end of Reconstruction to prevent many Americans from voting. Regrettably, we feel compelled to move our film production work from Georgia to another state."

The film was supposed to begin shooting in June. It is one of many moves by corporations against Georgia's new voting laws. Last week, over 100 companies including Apple, ViacomCBS, and Twitter issued a joint statement condemning the state's voting restrictions.

"The right to vote is fundamental in a democracy. American history is the story of expanding the right to vote to all citizens, and Black people, in particular, have had to march, struggle and even give their lives for more than a century to defend that right," CEO Tim Cook told Axios on Thursday.
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or Trump-ism

Trumpism refers to the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

Trump, whom many observers consider an anomaly, left the White House by saying, “We will be back in some form.” His legacy is “Trumpism” – a wave of white nationalism.

Trumpisms are Bushisms on steroids.