The footage of Wayne and Susan LaPierre was originally intended for a TV series sponsored by the gun-rights group, but was never aired. Warning: This video contains graphic content.

Video Leaks Of NRA's Wayne LaPierre Missing His Mark On Elephant Hunt
LaPierre's official bio highlights his experience as a hunter – a core demographic for the gun organization. His bio also notes the ties between hunting and wildlife conservation efforts. But the video of his Botswana hunt undercuts those stated affinities, as he fires off-target three times from close range after initially downing the elephant. The video was leaked one month after Africa's savanna elephants were listed as endangered.

... In the portion of the roughly 10-minute video that shows Susan LaPierre on a hunt, she shoots an elephant in the head that had been standing still, looking in her direction. After taking the animal down, LaPierre ensured he was dead with a single shot to the chest. Her guides twice set up a simple tripod for LaPierre's rifle, to help steady her shot.

... The NRA is now attempting to incorporate itself in Texas rather than New York, where it was founded in 1871. It filed for bankruptcy in January, saying the maneuver would speed up the transition.

"The NRA is not insolvent," LaPierre said at the time. "We are as financially strong as we have been in years."

New York officials say the organization wants to use bankruptcy to sidestep legal accountability in the state's case, which accuses LaPierre and other top staff of misusing money to fund lavish lifestyles.
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