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Doctored images do not show Hillary Clinton 'detained' in Guantanamo Bay
Images purporting to show former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton detained in Guantanamo Bay have been widely shared by social media users. But the images have been doctored to digitally insert Clinton into unrelated photos. No credible news reports indicate she was detained at Guantanamo Bay as of May 3, 2021.
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This video shows an algal mass called red tide filmed in South Africa’s Western Cape
Multiple posts on Facebook have shared a video with a claim that it shows the annual sardine run along the coast of South Africa's Eastern Cape province. This is false; although the yearly migration of the silvery fish is currently taking place along the country’s eastern coastline, the video on Facebook shows an algal bloom known as red tide that appeared in the Western Cape.
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Online posts misrepresent video of routine birth procedure as Covid-19 ‘abuse’
A video of a mother and her newborn baby purportedly separated by a plastic sheet has been viewed thousands of times in posts that claim it shows medical “child abuse” justified by the pandemic. The claim is misleading: the baby's mother and various doctors told AFP the video shows a routine birthing procedure unrelated to coronavirus restrictions.
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Nigeria stays third in 2020 global terrorism ranking for fifth year in a row
A misleading graphic about Nigeria's global terrorism ranking, which AFP Fact Check debunked in 2020, is again causing a stir on social media. The graphic, released last September by a Nigerian TV station, showed that the nation placed third on an index of the world's most terrorised countries. But the 2020 report had not yet been released at the time and the broadcaster withdrew the graphic after admitting it was based on old data. Since then, the new index has been released, confirming that Nigeria indeed ranks third. Online users are now sharing old fact-checks about the erroneous graphic to discredit the latest ranking -- even though it is actually accurate this time.
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Misleading videos alleging Belgian politician faked Covid-19 jab in fact show vaccination practice run
A video has been viewed tens of thousands of times on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook alongside a claim it shows a Belgian politician faking his Covid-19 vaccination. The claim is misleading: the video shows a trial run for coronavirus vaccinations in Belgium for which caps were intentionally left on syringes.
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This footage shows a tourist killed by an elephant in Thailand
Footage of a man being grabbed and thrown to the ground by an elephant has been shared in multiple Facebook posts, which claim it shows a tourist being attacked in provincial Sri Lanka. The claim is false: the video actually shows an elephant attack in Thailand in April 2021. The man died from his injuries, local media reported.
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Viral video misleads with claim that the Philippines won a case filed against China in 2021
A video viewed more than a million times on Facebook and YouTube claims to share “breaking news” about Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte winning a case against Beijing over the South China Sea in April 2021. But the claim is misleading: the video shows years-old news footage about maritime tensions between Manila and Beijing; no cases against China were filed or won in April 2021, the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs told AFP.
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