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Meme Featuring DeSantis Presents Misleading Picture of COVID-19 and Vaccine Safety
COVID-19 was the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. in 2020. But a meme featuring Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis minimizes the toll the pandemic already has taken — particularly among the elderly. The meme also questions getting inoculated, despite the safety record of the vaccines and DeSantis’ public support for vaccines.
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This video shows Indian police dispersing a village fair that breached pandemic restrictions
A video has been shared repeatedly in social media posts that claim it shows scuffles in an Indian village after soldiers tried to force people to receive Covid-19 vaccinations. The claim is false: the video has circulated in reports about police dispersing a fair which breached pandemic restrictions. Police told AFP that officers dispersed the crowd because the event "flouted" local restrictions.
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Nancy Pelosi did not thank babies for ‘sacrificing their lives for women’s rights’
An image circulating on Facebook claims US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thanked “millions of babies for sacrificing their lives for women’s rights”. The claim prompted anger among social media users who appeared to believe Pelosi genuinely made the comments when talking about abortion. But the claim is false: the purported Pelosi quote originated on a satirical website; there is no record of Pelosi making any such statement.
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False posts claim a woman's menstrual cycle affects efficacy of Covid-19 vaccination
Facebook posts circulating online in India claim women should avoid receiving the Covid-19 vaccine on specific dates during their menstrual cycle. The claim is false, health experts said. Vaccine manufacturers in India have not warned that a woman's menstrual cycle affects the efficacy or safety of Covid-19 vaccines.
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Viral Post Misleads on COVID-19 Death Reporting, Vaccine Monitoring
A tweet that migrated across social media platforms falsely suggests that any deaths in the 20 days following positive COVID-19 tests are to be attributed to the disease, “no matter what other factors were involved.” There is no such policy. And there’s also no evidence for the post’s suggestion that the vaccines are causing deaths that are being ignored.
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No evidence Chicago police tweeted ‘We are all Derek Chauvin’
Social media users posted images of an alleged tweet from the Chicago Police Department expressing support for Derek Chauvin after he was convicted of murdering George Floyd, a Black man. But the department denounced the image as a fake, and there are no traces of such a tweet on social media or in official police communications.
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Instagram video falsely claims pandemics happen every 100 years
An Instagram video with more than 600,000 views claims pandemics recur like clockwork once a century. This is false; the clip has incorrectly dated some of the widespread infectious disease outbreaks, and medical historians say it ignores many others while including a localized epidemic from France.
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Covid-19 vaccine does not cause impotence, health experts say
Social media posts share an image combining photographs of well-known Indian doctors with a claim that Covid-19 jabs can cause permanent impotence and infertility. The claims are false. India's drug regulation authorities dismissed the claims as "absolute rubbish"; the World Health Organization (WHO) says there is no scientific evidence that Covid-19 vaccines cause impotence or infertility.
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Tucker Carlson misrepresents government data on Covid-19 vaccines
Fox News host Tucker Carlson claims US government figures show the “apparent death rate” from Covid-19 vaccines. But the statistics he refers to come from a system that warns reports it contains may include information that is “incomplete” or “inaccurate,” and says they alone cannot be used to determine if deaths or other adverse events were caused by immunization.
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Bidens followed mask guidance when visiting Carters indoors
Social media posts and articles shared thousands of times criticize President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden for not wearing masks while visiting former president Jimmy Carter and his wife. But both couples are fully vaccinated, and guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says not wearing masks during such a meeting is permitted and would likely be low-risk.
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Posts share data from faulty study on domestic violence
Social media posts claim that the words “How To Hit A Woman So No One Knows” were searched on Google 163 million times in 2020, during the pandemic. This is false; the claim is based on a study whose author admitted to using flawed methodology that produced inaccurate results.
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