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Websites and Social Posts Misrepresent CDC Director’s Comments on Breakthrough Deaths
In a May 16 interview, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director said the agency knew of 223 breakthrough fatalities among fully vaccinated individuals, but “not all … died of COVID.” That is not an admission that “many, many hospitals” previously “overcounted” COVID-19 deaths, as conservative websites have reported.
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Posts Distort Testimony of Federal Health Officials on Employee Vaccinations
Federal health officials testified at a Senate committee hearing that about 60% of their employees have been vaccinated against COVID-19 so far. But viral online posts have distorted their comments to misleadingly claim that half of the employees “are refusing” the vaccines. The officials did not say anyone had refused to get vaccinated.
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Video Doesn’t Prove Capitol Police Allowed Jan. 6 Protesters to Enter Capitol
More than 400 people have been charged in relation to the Jan. 6 events at the U.S. Capitol, and there is ample evidence that many protesters defied and assaulted Capitol Police officers that day. Yet viral social media posts are falsely claiming a video clip proves that “Capitol Police gave protesters OK” to enter the building. The video clip does not depict that.
Read the full article: https://www.factcheck.org/2021/05/video-doesnt-prove-capitol-police-allowed-jan-6-protesters-to-enter-capitol/

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