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Scientist makes inaccurate claims on Covid-19 vaccine safety
An American scientist claims that Covid-19 vaccines pose safety concerns, including sterilization and changes to DNA, in remarks shared on social media. But experts and public health bodies say there is no evidence that mRNA shots are causing reproductive problems, and are not modifying the genes of recipients.
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No Scientific Basis for Vaccine ‘Shedding’ Claims
Vaccines using a part of a virus to start a response, such as the spike protein produced by both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines, cannot lead to the virus reproducing and shedding. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a viral vector vaccine. It uses a harmless adenovirus, modified so that it can’t replicate, to deliver instructions to cells to produce the spike protein, so the vaccine can’t lead to shedding either. But vaccines using a live virus can replicate and shed.

Offit said an example of a vaccine that sheds or creates what’s called contact immunity is the oral polio vaccine, which is no longer in use in the U.S. In that case, Offit said, people are given virus strains through the mouth; the virus then reproduces in the intestine and is shedded in the feces. Unvaccinated people pick up the virus from the vaccine mostly by touching things a vaccinated person had touched, especially if that person didn’t adequately wash their hands.
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Thailand is not only country to require people to wear masks in private cars
Social media posts shared tens of thousands of times claim that Thailand is the only country in the world that requires people to wear a mask when travelling in a private vehicle. The claim is false: while Thailand did mandate face coverings in all public places -- including private cars -- from April 26, 2021, it is not the only place that has introduced this kind of regulation during the pandemic. In Asia, India, Indonesia and the Philippines have also imposed mask mandates for personal vehicles, as have European countries, including Germany and Spain, in some situations.
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Safe for breastfeeding mothers to get vaccinated, health authorities say
Multiple online posts have shared a report they claim is “evidence” that Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 jabs are dangerous for breastfeeding mothers. The posts are misleading: they cite a spurious report about a breastfeeding mother who was allegedly vaccinated in March 2020, two months before Pfizer-BioNTech started clinical trials for its Covid-19 jabs. As of early May 2021, health authorities said it was safe for breastfeeding mothers to get vaccinated against Covid-19.
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