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Viral Quote About Elections Misattributed to Trey Gowdy
A viral Facebook post falsely attributes claims of widespread voter fraud and “treasonous acts” during the 2020 election to former Rep. Trey Gowdy. But he told us the statement “wasn’t from me.” We tracked the comments to a retired general who has spread unfounded conspiracy theories.
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Story Twists Facts on Diagnosing Breakthrough COVID-19 Cases
A viral headline shared on social media falsely asserts that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed testing thresholds to “virtually eliminate” COVID-19 cases among vaccinated individuals. That’s wrong. The threshold in question simply applies to whether or not there is enough virus present in a sample for further analysis.
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Caitlyn Jenner Overstates California’s Share of U.S. Homeless Population
As Bill Hemmer, one of the show’s co-hosts, said, California has the “highest homelessness in the nation” — at least in raw numbers. Jenner added that “50% of all homeless people live in California.”

But Jenner’s interjection was inaccurate, based on a report the Department of Housing and Urban Development released in March.

Part I of “The 2020 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress” said California — which has nearly 40 million residents — had 161,548 of the 580,466 homeless people in the U.S. on a single night in January 2020. That’s significantly less than half.
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COVID-19 Vaccine Data Was Peer-Reviewed, Contrary to Meme’s Claim
The COVID-19 vaccines have been the subject of peer-reviewed studies that found they were effective and safe, but a meme has been circulating on social media falsely claiming that no such studies have been conducted.
Read the full article: https://www.factcheck.org/2021/05/scicheck-covid-19-vaccine-data-was-peer-reviewed-contrary-to-memes-claim/

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