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This photo of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been digitally altered
A photo purporting to show Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in a wheelchair has been shared repeatedly on Facebook and Twitter. The image circulated online in April 2021 as Duterte's absence from public events prompted rumours he was ill. The photo, however, has been digitally altered: the original image, which has circulated online since October 2020, shows Duterte on a motorcycle.
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Facebook users misrepresent viral video of Brazillian nurses in empty coronavirus ward
A video showing health workers singing in an empty hospital ward has been shared tens of thousands of times on Facebook alongside a claim it portrays the “truth” of the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil. The claim is misleading: the clip shows a wing of a hospital in Brazil, which was treating more than 70 patients for Covid-19 in other wards. In the city where the video was filmed, the occupancy of adult intensive care beds was 93% at the time the video was recorded.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger did not sleep on the street after being rejected by a hotel
A photo of American movie star and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger wrapped in a sleeping bag at the foot of his own statue has been shared thousands of times on social media since 2018. The posts claim that Schwarzenegger was forced to sleep on the streets after being denied accommodation at the hotel to which the statue belongs. This is false; although Schwarzenegger is the man in the photo, he took the photo as a joke in 2016.
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Photo of Indonesian crew praying on a submarine has circulated in reports since at least July 2020
An image has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, Twitter and news reports alongside a claim that it shows Indonesian sailors praying on a submarine before it sank in April 2021. The claim is false: the image has circulated in reports since at least July 2020. The photo was taken at a different submarine, the administrator of the Instagram account who posted the image says.
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Fake US CDC graphic about 'vaccine refusal' circulates online
An infographic that carries the logo of the US Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) warns refusing the coronavirus vaccine "is a form of racism" because it "harms people of color”. The graphic, however, has been manipulated: it was not issued by the CDC.
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