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Newly-resurfaced video shows Marjorie Taylor Greene saying she opposed removing statues of Hitler and Satan so she could teach people 'what they did'
  • 2020 video shows Greene telling a city council meeting she wouldn't remove statues of Hitler or Satan.
  • She said statues should remain to preserve history's lessons, even if she disagreed with them.
  • It comes soon after she made a comparison between vaccine protocols and Nazis' treatment of Jews.

A newly-resurfaced video shows GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene saying she would defend statues of Hitler or "Satan himself" on the grounds of preserving history and its lessons.

Greene made the comments at a meeting of Dalton City Council, Georgia, last June days after she finished first in her GOP primary and was poised to win the race.

The city was debating the fate of a statue of the Confederate general Joseph Johnston following racial-justice protests and the murder of George Floyd, as WRCBTV reported at the time.

"Whether I see a statue that may be something that I would fully disagree with, like Adolf Hitler, maybe a statue of Satan himself, I would not want to say, 'take it down,'" she told the committee.

"It's so that I could tell my children and teach others about who these people are, what they did and what they may be about."

She said that she wanted to be able to tell her children about "lessons in our country, whether they're good, bad, embarrassing."
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Marjorie Taylor Greene must be expelled from GOP conference for Holocaust comments, says Adam Kinzinger
  • Adam Kinzinger says Greene should be expelled from the GOP conference for her Holocaust comments.
  • "What we can do ... is take a stand and say you don't belong in our conference," Kinzinger said.
  • More than 100,000 people have signed a petition calling for Greene's expulsion from the House.
Marjorie Taylor Greene should be expelled from the GOP conference because of her comments comparing mask mandates to the Holocaust, her Republican colleague Adam Kinzinger said.

Rep. Kinzinger said that their party should "take a stand" and "say you don't belong" at the conference.

"You can't stop somebody from calling themselves a Republican," Kinzinger told a Politico Live event on Tuesday.

Kinzinger has vocally criticized former President Donald Trump for his role in the Capitol riot on January 6, and earlier in May compared the Republican party to a "sinking" Titanic ship following Rep. Liz Cheney's expulsion from House leadership.

"What we can do as a party is take a stand and say you don't belong in our conference," he said.

"That's what I think we should do. I think we should kick her out of the conference, prevent her from coming to conference meetings, benefiting from conference materials."

... Kinzinger said that while he hadn't yet spoken to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about Greene, "we're going to be looking at what we can do" to expel her.

"[McCarthy] obviously has the ability to remove people from leadership or remove people from the conference," Kinzinger said, adding "I hope he does."
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Arizona GOP legislators votes to strip powers from the Democratic secretary of state after she slammed the state's GOP-led 2020 election audit
  • Republicans in Arizona's state legislature voted Tuesday to strip the Democratic Secretary of State of election powers.
  • The move comes one day after Katie Hobbs slammed the GOP-led 2020 election audit happening in Maricopa County.
  • The measure would transfer authority over elections lawsuits to the state's Republican attorney general.
Republicans in Arizona's state legislature passed a measure on Tuesday to strip Democrat Katie Hobbs of her election powers as Secretary of State after she criticized the state's controversial, GOP-led audit of the 2020 election.

The bill, which passed both the state House and Senate Appropriations Committees, would transfer election powers from Hobbs to Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who Hobbs filed a still-pending ethics complaint against last year, first reported by AZ Central.

In a comment to Insider, Hobbs said she filed the complaint against Brnovich because he engaged in a pattern of unethical and partisan behavior. She said she filed the complaint with the State Bar of Arizona in October in hopes that the issue would be resolved in a professional and nonpartisan manner.

"He frequently sought to substitute his judgement for my own and allowed his political preferences to interfere with his obligation to represent me as a client, in my pursuit of the best interests of Arizona voters," Hobbs told Insider. "Unfortunately, it appears that AG Brnovich isn't asking forgiveness for his behavior — he's asking our legislature to authorize it," Hobbs said.
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A former GOP activist in Palm Beach County has been charged in connection with the Capitol riot after she posted about it on Facebook
  • A woman in Florida was arrested and charged after her January 6 Facebook posts caught the FBI's attention.
  • Jody Tagaris was identified at the Capitol riot by one of her coworkers and an anonymous tipster.
  • According to court documents, her own posts and cell phone data also helped investigators build a case.
A former prominent player in Palm Beach County's conservative circles was arrested earlier this month over her alleged participation in the deadly January 6 Capitol insurrection, which investigators were able to confirm with the help of the woman's own social media posts and one of her coworkers.

Jody Tagaris, 67, faces four federal misdemeanor charges, including entering and remaining in a restricted building, and disorderly and disruptive conduct in a Capitol building, according to charging documents.

In mid-January, the FBI was alerted to a Facebook post under the name Jody Echevarria-Tagaris, that featured a photo of the defendant which indicated she had entered the US Capitol during the pro-Trump attack earlier that month, according to court documents.

The photo showed a woman dressed in distinct clothing, including an American Flag scarf, a unique US Olympics American flag jacket, and a red "Make America Great Again" hat, posing in the frame of a broken window next to the Senate Wing Door at the Capitol with the caption, "The Capital ... back at hotel safe! Got tear gassed but okay!"

According to investigators, the FBI then identified a coworker of Tagaris, who confirmed the Facebook account belonged to Tagaris and identified her in the photo. A different anonymous tipster alerted authorities to Tagaris' photo and provided another Facebook photo of Tagaris in the same American flag jacket that showed her face uncovered, according to investigators.

The FBI obtained a warrant to search the Facebook account, where they found an unmasked photo of Tagaris posted on January 6 in the same attire, court documents said. Investigators also found statements Tagaris made on Facebook about her travels to Washington, DC, on January 5 in order to attend former President Donald Trump's rally.

Surveillance video from the Capitol on January 6 and Washington Metropolitan Police Officers' body camera footage also captured Tagaris in and around the Capitol throughout January 6, according to investigators.

During the investigation, the FBI used Tagaris' listed phone number on Facebook to confirm the number belonged to her and then to obtain a search warrant showing Tagaris' cell phone location data placed her at multiple locations around the US Capitol on January 6.

Tagaris had a video hearing in West Palm Beach on Tuesday where she was released after posting a $50,000 bond, according to The Palm Beach Post. She will next enter a plea in federal court at an unspecified date.
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Democratic congressman stresses risk of not investigating Capitol attack: 'We have a domestic terror movement in America'
"We have a domestic terror movement in America. It has been enabled, it has been furthered, it has been legitimized by leaders at the highest levels of our country, starting with Donald Trump," Crow told CNN's Don Lemon on "Don Lemon Tonight."

"That's the sad reality. If we are not honest about what it is we're dealing with, if we're not honest about the dangers of that movement, we will not address it in a way that we need to and we will be at risk. This is not just an exercise in history and making sure that the history books accurately reflect on January 6. We have a current problem we have to address and we have to be honest about that and we have to do what is necessary to keep ourselves safe."

The overwhelming majority of GOP senators are expected to filibuster a bill to investigate the Capitol riot and, as of now, only two GOP senators -- Mitt Romney of Utah and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska -- have indicated they would be willing to support the current legislation.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine said she would vote for a procedural motion to begin debate on the legislation Thursday to be able to offer an amendment to make changes to the bill, according to her spokeswoman Annie Clark.

The measure passed in the House last week, with 35 Republican members voting for the commission.

... "This is not just an exercise in the integrity of history," he said. "We have to figure out what went wrong."
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or Trump-ism

Trumpism refers to the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

Trump, whom many observers consider an anomaly, left the White House by saying, “We will be back in some form.” His legacy is “Trumpism” – a wave of white nationalism.

Trumpisms are Bushisms on steroids.