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Republican House leaders condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'appalling' comparisons of vaccines and masks to Nazism
  • Republican House leadership condemned Marjorie Taylor Greene for comparing COVID-19 mitigation to Nazism.
  • Greene has argued that mask mandates and vaccination policies are like the persecution of Jews in the Holocaust.
  • House leader Kevin McCarthy issued a statement on Tuesday calling Greene's comments "wrong" and "appalling."
Republican House leadership and several other prominent conservatives condemned GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for repeatedly comparing COVID-19 mitigation to Nazism.

Greene, a far-right freshman member from Georgia who's promoted a slew of conspiracy theories, argued that the government and private companies are discriminating against those who haven't received the COVID-19 vaccine in the same way Nazis persecuted Jews in the Holocaust.

"Vaccinated employees get a vaccination logo just like the Nazi's forced Jewish people to wear a gold star," Greene tweeted on Tuesday morning. "Vaccine passports & mask mandates create discrimination against unvaxxed people who trust their immune systems to a virus that is 99% survivable."

Greene argued on a podcast last week that the House mask mandate is "exactly the type of abuse" Nazis committed against Jews.

Amid mounting pressure on Republicans to condemn Greene's remarks, House leader Kevin McCarthy issued a statement on Tuesday calling Greene's comments "wrong" and "appalling."

"Marjorie is wrong, and her intentional decision to compare the horrors of the Holocaust with wearing masks is appalling," McCarthy said in his statement. "Let me be clear: the House Republican Conference condemns this language."
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A grand jury has reportedly been convened in the Manhattan district attorney's criminal investigation into Trump
  • The Manhattan DA has convened a grand jury in his Trump investigation, The Washington Post reported.
  • The development marks an aggressive new phase in DA Cyrus Vance Jr.'s years-long criminal inquiry.
  • The Post said the grand jury would meet three times a week for six months.
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Trump's role as GOP kingmaker has left Republican loyalists in a lurch as the ex-president's legal jeopardy grows
  • Trump's growing legal jeopardy has his Republican loyalists on the defensive.
  • Some are downplaying any effect on Republicans' chances in the 2022 and 2024 elections.
  • Some Democrats have urged prosecutors to proceed with caution.
The next two election cycles in America could be a roller-coaster ride for Republicans as Donald Trump and his namesake company face the prospect of criminal charges.

Political insiders are only starting to grasp this increasingly real possibility after New York Attorney General Letitia James' recent statement confirming she's now linked up with Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, who has been digging into Trump's financial records after securing that authority from the Supreme Court.

While most Washington politicians appear, at least publicly, to be out of the loop about what's happening a few stops up the Acela Corridor, recent interviews with more than a dozen members of Congress and political operatives elicited incredulous looks, knee-jerk reactions, and wild speculation about what prospectively sidelining Trump would mean to the political world.

They realize there will be repercussions — to their own messaging and for whoever runs for president in 2024 — should Trump or his family-run business end up as defendants in a state courtroom.

Trump is facing a slew of investigations, including on his business dealings in New York, attempts to tamper with the 2020 election results in Georgia, and his role in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that Vance has convened a grand jury to hear evidence and weigh potential charges.

"It should mean more people jump in the race and don't wait for Trump, claiming that he's distracted," Doug Heye, a GOP strategist who once served as a House leadership aide, said of the ripple effects from a Trump prosecution as scores of Republicans consider their own White House campaigns.

GOP leaders, Heye added, also wouldn't emerge unscathed.

"While Republican leadership wants to put Trump in the rearview mirror, the investigations, in addition to Trump being back on the stump, make that impossible," he said.

... Trump no longer enjoys immunity from criminal prosecution, a protection he could rely on as a sitting president. And while it's been more than four months since Trump left the White House, Democrats and Republicans say they're just beginning to assess the political fallout should James, Vance, or prosecutors from another jurisdiction in the US file charges against Trump or his cohorts.

Democrats told Insider they expect Trump could end up playing the victim card if he or members of his entourage are criminally charged, and that could serve to energize a fiercely loyal base that is likely to be critical on the turnout front for Republicans in the 2022 midterms.

"He would say, 'This was an injustice perpetrated by the swamp.' And maybe his people would go along with him," said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a Rhode Island Democrat.

On cue, the twice-impeached former president fumed on his blog last week over James' latest statement confirming his company is under a state criminal investigation. "They failed to stop me in Washington, so they turned it over to New York to do their dirty work," he wrote.

Privately, Republican operatives acknowledged the jarring ramifications of an indictment issued against their famously short-tempered leader.

Still, GOP lawmakers in Congress ducked, dodged, and weaved when asked what they thought about Trump becoming a criminal defendant. Some looked to their hovering aides to save them from saying anything that could provoke the ire of their vindictive leader.
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The Auschwitz Museum slammed Marjorie Taylor Greene after she likened vaccination logos to Jewish people wearing gold stars during the Holocaust
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene compared a grocery store's "vaccination logo" system to yellow stars forcibly worn by Jews during the Holocaust.
  • The Auschwitz Memorial condemned Greene's comparison, saying her remarks were a "sad symptom of moral and intellectual decline."
  • Greene previously compared the ongoing mask mandate in the House to the treatment of people during the Holocaust.
The gold star that Greene referred to in her tweet, more commonly referred to by historians as a yellow star, were badges that Nazi Germans forced Jews in Europe to wear as a form of identification.

Responses to the Georgia congresswoman included a message from the Auschwitz Memorial Museum, located at the site of the concentration camp in Poland where more than 1 million people — a majority of which were Jewish — were killed during the Holocaust.

"The instrumentalization of the tragedy of Jews who suffered, were humiliated, marked with a yellow star, isolated in ghettos & murdered during the Holocaust, in a debate on different systems that aim at protecting public health is a sad symptom of moral and intellectual decline," the museum tweeted in response.
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Holocaust survivor blasts Marjorie Taylor Greene for comparing masks to Nazis forcing Jews to wear a yellow star and invites her to chat
  • Serge Vinograd, a Holocaust survivor, criticized Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for comparing wearing a mask during the pandemic to Jews being forced to wear yellow stars.
  • "In one case, it is to protect life, in the other case it was the first step to elimination," Serge said.
"I'm a witness to what happened. I saw Jews being arrested, shot, deported. I saw the reactions of people wearing the yellow stars in the beginning. Their reaction, mine, my sister's, the reactions of people in the streets, in school, the way that the Germans treated people wearing the yellow star," he added.

... "It was a way to find out how Jews would be segregated and then eliminated," Serge Vinograd said. "The mask was a step to protect people, the star was a way to segregate people and move to the final solution, and to eliminate them."

"Six million Jews were arrested, killed, and never came back. I would like to explain to Rep. Greene that you cannot, and should not compare the two," he added.
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Trump calls New York criminal probe a 'witch hunt' and claims a poll shows he is the frontrunner in 2024
  • The Manhattan District Attorney convened a grand jury on the Trump Organization probe.
  • Trump called the investigation a "continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt."
  • Last week, The New York attorney general's office said the investigation will now also be criminal.
"As more documents are reviewed by the NYAG and NYDA, it appears that the troubles for Donald Trump just keep on coming," Cohen told Insider about the criminal probe. "Soon enough, Donald and associates will be held responsible for their actions."

... In his press release, the former president continued to allege that the election was stolen and said, "Interesting that today a poll came out indicating I'm far in the lead for the Republican Presidential Primary and the General Election in 2024."

It's not clear what poll the former president is referring to.

Polls have shown Trump as a favorable candidate among Republican voters for the primary, but his support within that group has been on the decline. While 54% of Republican voters said they'd support Trump in the primaries in a February Politico-Morning Consult poll, only 50% said they'd vote for him in a poll released last week.
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A petition to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene from the House has been signed by over 100,000 people after she compared mask mandates to the Holocaust
  • A petition calling for the expulsion of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has more than 100,000 signatures.
  • The petition calls for Greene to be "immediately expelled from Congress."
  • It follows her comments comparing coronavirus-related mask mandates to the Holocaust.
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MyPillow's Mike Lindell says he flew to Tennessee for a Republican governors event but was turned away at the door
  • MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was turned away from a Republican governors' conference in Tennessee, he said.
  • Lindell told Politico he flew to Nashville especially for the three-day event but was told to leave.
  • An official said Lindell was turned away from a dinner because he wasn't a member of the Republican Governors Association.
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell flew to Nashville, Tennessee for a three-day Republican governors conference — but was turned away minutes after arriving, he told Politico.

Lindell, a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump and a major GOP donor, said he tried to get into the Republican Governors Association (RGA) spring conference at Nashville's JW Marriott Hotel on Tuesday, but that an event coordinator told him he wasn't allowed at official RGA events.

An RGA official told Politico's Daniel Lippman that Lindell tried to attend a dinner at the Tennessee Governor's Mansion, home to Gov. Bill Lee, and was denied.

"These events are for RGA members, and Mike Lindell is not currently an RGA member," the official told Politico.

But Lindell told the publication that he had been invited to the event, and showed Politico a schedule of RGA conference events he had received, which was labelled "confidential."

The RGA's membership is made up of US state and territory Republican governors.
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or Trump-ism

Trumpism refers to the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

Trump, whom many observers consider an anomaly, left the White House by saying, “We will be back in some form.” His legacy is “Trumpism” – a wave of white nationalism.

Trumpisms are Bushisms on steroids.