Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich warns that if the country forgets and moves on from the tragedies of this past year, we’re setting ourselves on a dangerous path.

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The desire to forget all the unpleasantness and start a new chapter is understandable. But if we do, we're inviting greater tragedies in the future.

The deadly Capitol attack, fueled by Trump's big lie and those who spouted it, was in January of this year — yet we seem to be doing everything we can to blot it out of our memory.

Meanwhile, those responsible for instigating it haven't been held accountable in any respect.

That big lie will continue to flourish unless the lawmakers who went along with it and have failed to renounce it face real consequences. That means a thorough independent 9/11 type inquiry into what happened, whether members of Congress were involved, and what role Donald Trump and others played.

Republican leaders must not duck this. History is watching. They must be held accountable to the truth. Otherwise the trauma of 2020 will return — perhaps in even more terrifying form.