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Inspirational Author Peggy Trotter Shares her Wacky Side

Hello, readers! June 1st is the release date of my newest book The Misfit Bride in my next historical series Society of Outcasts. To say I am excited would be a gross understatement! The Lowborn Lady and The Spellbound Schoolmarm will be released over the next twelve months, so stay connected so you don’t miss them.

All three leading heroines of these books, Cora, Rhapsody, and Sissy find themselves somewhat as square pegs being shoved into round holes, much like most of us at times, which is what drew me to write about it. Often being marked as “weird” by others is really the result of a choice or a personality trait that puts one on the “outside” looking in, wondering why she/he is such an oddball.

But isn’t that what God intended us all to be? Individuals with unique characteristics? “For God does not show favoritism.” Romans 2:11. The verse preceding says that God looks rather on our hearts, glory, honor, and peace settle on those who do good, no matter how wacky we are! To me, that’s a great thing to know because I might just be a little bit … different. And knowing that God loves all of us with His great and mighty love is a powerful comfort. “For God so loved the world …” John 3:16a. Wow. God so loved not just me, and not just you. He loved the whole world, no matter how eccentric!

So, if you’re feeling a little left out, or maybe you’ve just been passed over, again, for something you’ve been yearning for, or maybe, you’re the odd one out in certain groups, take heart! God made you just the way you are for “… you are fearfully and wonderfully made …” Psalm 139:14b.

Perhaps you like to see just how different I am? Or perhaps my characters? Let’s play, “would you rather …” and throw in one of my heroine's answers as well! (I know, it’s a wacky idea, hence the post.)

Would you rather…

… watch TV/read a book?

Me: Books all day long!

Cora: Not sure what a TV is, but I do love books. I visit Mr. Harvey’s … ahem, I mean Mr. Kinderbrook’s Book and Stationery shop every time I’m in town.

… be in the country/city?

Me: I love the rural areas, the small towns, the fields of crops.

Rhapsody: The city, of course. One must be close to conveniences.

… be at the beach/mountains?

Me: I love the beach, but I do enjoy the beautiful mountains as well.

Sissy: Neither. I see no need for time away from the classroom.

… have it be sunny/rainy?

Me: I like sunny, slightly windy days.

Cora: Sunny. Best for baseball.

… wear comfy shoes/heels?

Me: No heels for me. Strictly a comfy girl. (Barefoot is best.)

Rhapsody: A fine, leather boot with heels tooled by the best shoemaker in town.

… wake up early/sleep late?

Me: No contest. I would sleep late, but I try to stay on my husband’s schedule, and he’s an early bird.

Sissy: The earlier, the better. One must stay ahead of the children.

… bargain shop/pay full-price for fashion?

Me: Not just a bargain shopper, a CLEARANCE bargain shopper! LOL Sadly, I have no style.

Cora: I make my own clothing since I sew, so I look for a good price. Though a new azure color might draw my eye to spend more. But, one thing I won’t spend any more money on is white gloves. I don’t care how fashionable they are!

… get flowers/jewelry?

Me: Outside flowers. Inside arrangements make me sneeze, so I have lots of miniature rose bushes in my yard.

Rhapsody: Once, I would have said both in abundance, but now I have other pursuits.

… decorate in farmhouse/urban?

Me: You can probably guess by now, farmhouse.

Sissy: Decorating? I don’t … really adorn the wall with … much. Why do you ask?

 …be introverted/extroverted?

Me: Hmmm. Extrovert. But, in reality, I’m probably an extroverted introvert. I can be very chatty and entertaining, but I really like to be alone.

Cora: It would work so wonderfully if I were extroverted. Then, being with all my nieces and nephews nearly all the time wouldn’t be such a trial. I do love them, but I crave solitary hours. So, I suppose I’m introverted.

… be outside/inside?

Me: I hate to admit it but inside.

Rhapsody: Indoors, of course. Only the lowest of servants would gallivant out-of-doors in the blistering sun.

… be organized/messy?

Me: Organized, please, with a cherry on top. Sadly, I am messier. But then it all builds up and bam! I clean all day.

Sissy: Organized, certainly. Is there any other way?

How about you? What would you rather do? Embrace your own uniqueness or unhappily struggle to be what others want you to be? I hope, like Cora, Rhapsody, and Sissy, you discover your own true worth and your own happily-ever-after!

The Misfit Bride will be released on 6/1/2021.

The Lowborn Lady will be released on 12/1/21.

The Spellbound Schoolmarm will be released on 6/1/22.

Peggy, thanks so much for visiting and letting our readers know about your new release The Misfit Bride now available on Amazon. You can catch up with Peggy at these links and websites., Diamonds In Fiction, and Peggy Trotter.

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