Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains the full story about immigration you aren't getting from politicians and the media.

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A desperate combination of factors are driving migrants and asylum seekers to our southern border, from Central America in particular: deep economic inequality, corruption, and high rates of poverty, as well as violence and instability tied to historic U.S. support for brutal authoritarian regimes, right-wing paramilitary groups, and corporate interests in Latin America.

In other words, the United States is very much part of the root of this problem.

Some politicians want you to believe the way to address this humanitarian tragedy is to double down on border security and build walls to deter people from coming. They’re wrong.

Several administrations have tried this approach. It's failed every time. Our bloated spending on the border-industrial complex has done nothing but increase human suffering without dealing with the root causes of migration.

It’s not enough to roll back the cruel and xenophobic policies of our past. This new generation must be treated in ways that are consistent with our most cherished ideals.

Now is the time to act.