I should have gotten the damn vaccine. — Micheal Freedy
I should have gotten the damn vaccine. — Micheal Freedy
Micheal Freedy texted fiancee before dying of covid-19, ‘I should have gotten the damn vaccine’
Micheal Freedy was not opposed to vaccination, his fiancee said. Like many Americans who have yet to get their coronavirus shots, the 39-year-old father just wanted to wait and learn more about how people reacted to the vaccines.

“All we were doing is waiting one year,” Jessica DuPreez, 37, told The Washington Post on Sunday.

Then everything changed. This weekend — DuPreez’s grief days old and her voice breaking — the Las Vegas mother of five gave interview after interview to spread the same message: Get the vaccine. She said Freedy came to the same conclusion early on in the fight with covid-19 that put him in an intensive care unit in July.

“I should have gotten the damn vaccine,” he texted DuPreez, according to a picture she shared with The Post.

Freedy, who is listed in her phone as “My Heart,” died on Thursday, leaving behind young children, including a 17-month-old.

“My kids don’t have a dad anymore because we hesitated,” she said on CNN as one child cried in the background. “ … I would take a bad reaction to the vaccine over having to bury my husband. I would take that any day.”

... Some holdouts are outright resistant: A Washington Post-ABC News poll found earlier this summer that 29 percent of Americans said they were unlikely to get vaccinated, up several percentage points from a few months earlier. But many are like Freedy — hesitant, worried about side effects, waiting even longer. With coronavirus cases rising again, officials are scrambling to persuade them.

Adding their voices to the message are people like DuPreez, converted by wrenching loss. She said she and her oldest son got vaccinated after Freedy became sick.

DuPreez said that she and her fiance — the father of her two youngest children — were never disparaging of science, just cautious. They wore face masks, she said, and sanitized their hands and shifted to pickup orders for their shopping.
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