Going On Hiatus
After much deliberation and a year of 'something or others', I've decided I need to take charge of my home life. All the time I've devoted to blogging the almost past two years will be dedicated to improving myself in ways that should already be habit. I have oodles of things to do I've been putting off this whole time — there are only so many hours in a day.

Like any habit, blogging and sharing are hard ones to break, but I'm determined. Posting less has already made me feel more at ease and relaxed.

I'd already started posting less and sharing less often on social media. My goal is to feel no guilt for missing self-imposed quotas. I might go days without blogging. Only what's on my mind, when I have time for it, and if I feel like it. I will try to only write about what really matters to me personally.

No giveaways in 2022. I gave away over $600 worth of prizes solely through personal funding for a handful of visitors. No incentives next year.

I've missed too many days entering little or no sweepstakes. Not next year — and hopefully not again. I want to enter and win more; not less.

Less pressure, less stress, and more sleep.

More cooking, more housecleaning, more exercise. Thousands of recipes I've never made time to try. Unused kitchen appliances. Our home needs a deep, deep cleaning. Better fitness and health. I seriously need to tone up.

I'm constantly writing myself notes that get no action. Again, lack of time. Not going forward!